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Great Lengths Extensions Canada

Maryanne is a Great Lengths Extension Specialist and offering the best quality of fusion and tape in hair extensions services for her clients.


Extensions are best for healthy hair. Hair must be at least 12cm or 5 inches in length to ensure comfortable, discreet attachments.

Great Length extensions carry a keratin bond that attaches to the hair and extensions strand. Great lengths has a keratin bond like no one else where it is made out of a polymer developed with a molecular structure that's mimics human hair. When applied by a trained and certified professional hairstylist there is never any damage to the clients natural hair.

Great Lengths extensions are made using only 100% virgin remy hair. the benefits to using remy hair, it is easier to maintain, less likely to tangle and it blends well with your natural hair.

A consultation is highly needed to help achieve your desired overall look. Extensions are great for creating fullness, adding colour or adding length and fullness to your hair.

Great Lengths Extensions
Great Lengths Extensions
Great Lengths Extensions
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