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Davines is all about the balance of beauty and sustainablilty. With beauty they encourage people to take care of themselves, the enviorment and what they love. sustainability is the responsibility we feel for our selves, our community in the world we love.

Davines is a carbon neutral product line. The essential and su haircare line contain active ingreidents from the slow food presidia farms. Davines does not test on any animals.

They are apart of the B Corporation since 2016.

Davines products does not contain parabens, sulfates, or nanomaterials. It does contain breathable silicones, mild natural fragrances, some products carry some nuts or gluten, and some products are formulated with ingredients of natural orgin that are natural.

Davines products are not certified vegetarian or vegan but some products contain no animal- derived ingredients except ingredients like keratin, royal jelly and beeswax in some products.

"Davines does not aim to be the largest company in the world, but to be the most beautiful and the most ethical thanks to all." Davide Bollati, President of the Davines Group

Davines Haircare
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