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Please follow the steps below to ensure a safe experience during this unprecedented time.

- When you have arrived please wait in your car. Text or call the salon saying that you have arrived for your appointment.

- Once I
 have sanitized my space and am ready for you I will contact you and ask you to meet me at the front door. The front door is now open but to give time in between clients i would prefer to meet at the door.

- MASKS are not mandatory in the province of Ontario. Do what makes you feel comfortable. If you would like to still wear one out of comfort i will be wearing one also for the time being because of my daughter in daycare.


- If you or anyone in your household is unwell – headache/ coughing/sneezing/fever — be honest and please reschedule.

- Please be kind to anyone who still wishes to wear or not to wear a mask.

Thank You,


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